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    Check out Alicia's LinkedIn!

    Alicia Adams

    Leadership Development

    An accomplished, results-oriented senior consultant and facilitator working at the intersection of strategic planning, retail management, and training delivery to drive operational efficiencies and streamlined business performance. A notable capacity for spearheading high-impact development and consulting programs that promote retention, financial literacy, consistency, and professional growth is underpinned by an aptitude for creating innovative learning tools that enhance engagement while delivering against challenging commercial and financial goals. Keen communication and interpersonal skills facilitate strong collaborative relationships and engender a leadership environment that is conducive to motivation, target-achievement, and continuous improvement. Alicia is currently pursuing her PhD in Organizational and leadership development with Concordia University of Chicago. She is looking to bring that spark back into training and making a difference in each project she is involved.

    Confira o LinkedIn do Ivan!

    Head of Learning

    Ivan is the founder of SkilLab. A passionate entrepreneur and life-long learner. He believes that everyone has something to teach and it's his life's mission to help people do it in an effective and engaging way.

    As a training specialist, Ivan has helped thousands of individuals and organizations in leadership development, strategy, organizational culture, and the development of hard- and soft-skills through facilitation, gamification, and instructional design.

    He's worked with clients such as Microsoft, StubHub, Sodexo, among others, and is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German.

    Check Thaiza's LinkedIn!

    Thaiza Peotta

    Community Manager

    Thaiza (or just Thai) is driven by projects that cause relevant impact.

    She can balance relationship and execution, being an extremely creative professional and excellent project manager.

    While still in high school, Thai has been recognized for her entrepreneurial projects, being featured in Telefonica Foundation's "Pense Grande" program. She's also consulted in international projects for organizations such as Microsoft to understand how the future of work looks like for Gen Z.

    She's currently pursuing her major in Information Sciences at UFSC and doing a specialization in UX Design.

    Talk to her in Portuguese or English.

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    Leonardo Takehana

    Tech Consultant

    From a very early age, immersed in the world of technology, Leonardo Takehana is a computer technician at the Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia and is currently graduating in electronic engineering and software engineering at the Universidade de Brasília.
    He has experience in several areas, working in sectors such as telecommunications, programming, electronics and gamification, having already managed projects for companies such as Vale, Caixa, Rede Bahia, among others, as well as being president of the first gamification junior company in Brazil and captain of the Brazil Midwest's first electric racing car team.

    He's fluent in Portuguese and English.

    Check out Bruno's LinkedIn!

    Bruno Deos

    Head of Facilitation

    Bruno is a former partner at Point - Creative Facilitation. Major in Visual Design by UFRGS and trained by Hasso Plattner Institute's D-School, Design Thinking school from Stanford University, in Germany. Passionate about arts and create endeavors, he sees design as a powerful tool for change.

    Bruno worked in projects for major companies in different sectors, such as Agibank, Gerdau, Yara, Sodexo, among others.

    He's fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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    Gabriel Sabanai Trindade

    Software Developer

    Inspired by the changes that technology, games and other areas of entertainment can cause, Sabanai entered the Software Engineering course, always believing that people should use their knowledge to make a positive impact on other people's lives, so he always seeks to work with what is aligned with this objective. He has experience in various areas such as sales, acting as deputy business director; project areas as project manager for clients such as PMO Global Alliance and for PMI's Gino Terentim; in software development and in leadership, when he was interim director of business and projects at the first junior gamification company, Orc'estra Gamificação. He is currently a mobile developer for a MediPreço and a software developer for SkilLab.

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    Victor Bruno

    Sales Development Representative

    Victor is a Social Service Graduate from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and technician in Internet Computing from ETEC João Maria Stevanatto. Since he was young involved with technology and games, this was what took him to the technical course, later on, the philosophical and philanthropic issues brought him to his current graduation.

    The desire for the innovator, together with the solution of problems, moves him. He works as a Freelancer in creating filters for Instagram (Facebook), Freelancer as a video editor and volunteer as StoryMaker at Florianópolis House of Prayer (FHOP).

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    Emily Dias Sousa

    Software Developer

    Emily is a Software Developer and Software Engineering student at Universidade de Brasília. She got to know gamification for the first time in a junior company, where she had her first software development project, and since then she has been developing more in the front-end area and always willing to learn new skills. She has experience in the areas of software development and design. She worked on projects for the application of a clothing rental store, web and mobile gym project, not to mention experiences as project management in a laboratory at UnB (ITRAC), internship at BxBlue, where she's a Fullstack and works doing maintenance of the company's services, developer mobile for a volunteer project (DOARTI), and a programming project for women (StartCoding).

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    Natan Santana

    Software Developer

    Natan Santana is a Software Developer and Software Engineering student at the Universidade de Brasília. He discovered his interest in programming and gamification during his time working at the first gamification company in Brazil and is always looking to expand his knowledge and experience in these areas, participating in projects that impact the lives of the people involved. He has experience in the areas of gamification design and software development, having already developed projects for federations of junior companies and for companies like Vale.

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    Paulo Tothy

    Creative Head

    With a degree in Advertising from PUC Minas, the creative seeks to create solutions with his entrepreneurial partners and cultural workers, through images and their visual developments.

    Creation is his habitat and he expresses it with art direction tools, public writing and videomaking. His journey enabled him to have a broad vision when flirting with different techniques that enrich the projects where he collaborates.

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    João Pedro Guedes

    Software Developer

    Computer Technician and Software Engineering Student at UnB, works with Gamification for 2 years and Software Development for 3 years. Passionate about games, user experience and love to develop creative solutions from scratch.
    His main motivation is to be able to impact the world through his projects and be free to use his creativity at all times.

  • Consultants

    Our network of professionals that collaborate in our projects!

    Confira o LinkedIn do Gustavo!

    Gustavo Grillo

    Gamification Expert

    With Major in Communications by USP and MBA at FGV, Gustavo has been working in consultancy projects for 15+ years.

    Immersed in the Game Community since the 80's, he's helped design projects, games, simulations, and companies boht in the domestic and international markets.

    Certified by the Octalysis Group, Gustavo has been helping companies with Gamification and Game Thinking since 2015 to improve their employee engagement, fidelize their customers, gamify their businesses, and improve learning.

    He's fluent in Portuguese and English.

    Confira o LinkedIn da Hellem!

    Strategic Designer

    Designer and Strategic Consultant since 2010, with experience in project management in different niches, both online and in person. She have worked on projects in different countries from Asia to the Americas, working and managing multicultural teams.

    CEO of Cari Design, a startup in strategic consulting for the development of organizational culture. Hellem has training in Strategic Design and Specialization in Social Business with a focus on Organizational Culture and Impact Measurement. Among her interests are cultural, strategic and educational development.

    Check out Marília's LinkedIn!

    Marília Silveira

    Organizational Development

    Marilia is a facilitator and a strategist. She operates in the areas of innovation, business development and culture hacking. She develops culture hacking and multiplier training projects, establishing a culture conducive to innovation. She is an Innovation Lead of Sustainary in Brazil, a Danish organization with global operations that enables and implements innovations in sustainable technology for greater efficiency in challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030 - UN).

    She worked alongside organizations like Disney Channel, SAP and Cargill and was present as a facilitator and speaker at global events such as UN Women and Agile Beer.

    Confira o LinkedIn da Vivian!

    Vivian Soria

    Innovation Consultant

    Vivian Sória is an innovation consultant specialized in Design Thinking.
    Her great purpose is to transform the lives of young people through education.
    She has 9 years of experience in this area acting as a speaker, consultant and facilitator for clients such as Itaú, Mercado Livre, Magazine Luiza, Ultragaz, Bosch, Danone, Pão de Açúcar, Marykay, among others.

  • Our Partners

    An incredible curation of partners, methodologies and people to take care of your organization

    Ir para o site da Celemi

    Business Simulators

    We are representatives of Celemi in more than 35 countries in the Americas. Celemi was born in Sweden in 1985 and today it has more than 15 business simulators (interactive case studies) tailored to help your team to develop technical and socioemotional skills. Just like this, your company thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complete and ambiguous world. It was voted among the 20 best gamification companies in the world by the Training Industry in 2018 and 2019!

    Ir para o site do Instituto Chaosa

    Social Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Chaosa Institute is a social impact organization that helps SkilLab making the world better. A part of all our services, as well as part of our employees' dedication, go to the organization, which today impacts more than 1000 people a year in a situation of economic and / or social vulnerability.