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How to engage and motivate employees with Corporate Games?

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Behind every business achievement, every contract closed, partner acquired and goal achieved, there is a common denominator: a successful team.

However, if you occupy a leadership position in your job or work directly with project management and Human Resources, it is important to know how to engage and motivate your employees, in order to optimize teamwork and quickly and efficiently solve problems.

A great option to achieve these results is through corporate games. In this text, we will explain to you what they are and how you can integrate them with your company, as well as what was the origin of this practice and what benefits it can bring to your work environment.

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What are corporate games?

To answer this question, we must understand the scenario that led to the emergence of this business practice first. A good manager knows that the main rival of the work environment is routine. The monotony can be the cause of low production and failure to meet pre-established goals.

Using gamification techniques - which is the insertion of game dynamics and behavioral psychology in everyday activities - corporate games are activities that aim to develop, educate and improve the company's employees and collaborators, in a relaxed way, based on stimulation coopetition, a mixture of cooperation and healthy competition.

What are the advantages of corporate games?

In medium and large companies, it is quite common for new employees to feel displaced in the first months of work.

The lack of contact with other members of the same company contributes to the emergence of an unfavorable environment for teamwork. For this reason, the first advantage of corporate games is integration.

Through dynamics that encourage group work, corporate games increase trust between team members, highlighting the role of each individual within the organization and encouraging joint action by different sectors towards the same goal.

These activities also help to highlight and strengthen individuals with leadership personalities and increase the employees' sense of belonging within the company.

How do I apply corporate games in my company?

Despite having a very simple concept, corporate games are an activity that require study of your work environment and a lot of planning.

There are several books, courses and varied references that can help you. The important thing is to have a legal portfolio that can serve your employees without falling into the routine.

One suggestion is the Gamestorming book, which has more than 80 games and dynamics for you to apply with your team. We also recommend the Vector - Introduction to Creative Facilitation, Art of Hosting, Germinar Program and Creative Facilitation courses.

Co-create your training with SkilLab

Delegating the elaboration of this type of activity to your HR sector is an option, but there are companies like SkilLab that are specialized in providing corporate training and gamification through lectures, instructional design, human development, team training and organizational culture.

We can help you develop:

• Leadership;

• Communication and teamwork;

• Inventory management and optimization;

• Creativity;

• Recruitment and retention of talents;

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• Agile mindset, through corporate games and activities that will help in the integration of your company;

• among others :)