• Celemi Agile Move

    Align, Act, Adapt!

  • Learn to quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions. Drive success in an ambiguous world by applying agile principles. 

    In Celemi Agile Move™, participants work in teams to explore and develop an agile mindset. This digital business simulation is set in a fictitious company dealing with the typical operational, strategic, and leadership challenges that many companies are facing today.


    Celemi Agile Move™ helps your organization move through the transformation you need to meet the challenges of today’s ambiguous, ever-changing world. Use this highly competitive and engaging simulation to let your people discover the benefits of agile principles and learn to apply them to their daily work processes.

  • Target Public


    Anybody who wants to understand and adopt agile principles.


    How many time?

    3-4 hours


    How many people?

    Multiple teams of 2-4 people. Facilitator-led face-to-face or online seminars.


    Wich language?

    You can play Celemi Agile Move in English, Portuguese and Spanish with SkilLab.


    Key concepts

    Agile principles, customer value, leadership, teamwork, decision-making.

  • Celemi Agile Move™ is useful for organizations that want to improve and thrive in today’s ever-changing marketplace. In Celemi Agile Move™ participants will:


    Participants will develop an agile mindset, which contributes to:
    • Better ability to react to market changes

    • Increased effectiveness

    • Shorter time to market

    • Lower cost of development

    • New products that solve real customer needs

    • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Agile Leadership

    Efficient Teams

    Customer Value

    Value for Effort

    Work Flow

    Learn & Improve Together

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