• Celemi PartnerStock

    Unlock your Supply Chain Potential

  • Are you struggling with inventory levels and lead times? Do your colleagues continue cemented behaviors – despite directives, training, and kickoffs? Then Celemi PartnerStock™ might be for you.

    Celemi PartnerStock™ is a competitive and interactive simulation. Participants are grouped into teams and presented with life-like, inventory related dilemmas and challenges. They have to prioritize their limited resources to handle the challenges. The goal is to optimize inventory levels while managing customer satisfaction and profit. The most successful team wins the competition.


    The discussions and decisions within the teams, the competition between the teams, and the debrief in plenum create a learning environment that is highly engaging, competitive, interactive, and fun. The participants experience significant peer-to-peer learning, make clear links to their real-life dilemmas, and apply research results and scientific models.

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    Target Public


    Primary target group; supply chain professionals. Secondary target group, any function whose actions affect the supply chain, e.g. sales people.

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    How many time?

    An intense half-day competition (3 – 4 hours).

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    How many people?

    6-24. Participants are divided into teams of 3. Multiple games can be held simultaneously.

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    Wich language?

    You can play Celemi PartnerStock in English, Portuguese and Spanish with SkilLab.

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    Key concepts

    Supply chain.
    Balancing inventory, customer satisfaction, and profit.
    Demand management.
    Production planning.
    Supply management.

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    Through the Celemi PartnerStock™ simulation, participants will:

    • See the big picture of the supply chain and understand how they can contribute to optimizing inventory
    • Become better decision-makers in their daily job and anticipate the consequences of their decisions
    • Know when to build buffers and which type of buffers
    • Break down silos and improve transparency towards key stakeholders through the entire value chain
    • Search for the root cause behind problems
    • Find courage and good arguments to challenge customers, suppliers, and colleagues when needed
    • Understand the responsibility that comes with the central position in the supply chain
    • Understand the importance of being proactive and one step ahead
    • Discover opportunities for improvements – and have the desire to make a difference!

  • Inventory

    • Buffer strategies
    • Stocking points
    • Revealing root causes by reducing buffers


    • Forecasts to suppliers
    • Missing parts
    • Quality problems of components


    • Customers complaining about long lead-times
    • Long queue times in production
    • Long set-up times


    • Fluctuating forecasts and the bullwhip effect
    • Customers making last minute changes to delivery dates
    • Sudden demand and rush orders


    • Bottlenecks in production
    • Changes of production plans
    • Rushing delayed orders through production
    • Make-to-order vs. Make-to-stock
  • The simulation reflected our reality very well. It helped us experiment with different “what if“ scenarios, in a safe environment and in a fun and engaging way.

    Jan Fuhr Miller (CFO), Polypeptide​

    “It was important to me that the leaders from the different areas get a common view on this very important issue for us. The simulation was an ideal catalyst for an intensive discussion about it.“

    Ali Sahin (Executive Partner and CEO), EPSa GmbH​


    "The examples in the simulation helped us realize where we have our own improvement potentials – and we could immediately start working with them.”

    CEO, Shell Nordic

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